• Acril
    Punk Band Branding Propossal
  • The concept of this brand thrives on Acril's urban sound which is strongly related to protest graffiti culture in terms not only of the sound itself, but the actual lyrical content, the message, which consists mainly on the disscomfort on the way society works and what this system not only implies but constantly suggests to the people within it - consumption, selfishness, disregard of others well being and the false sense of choice given by the "democratic" establishment. This message is of course not only transmitted through their lyrical content, lyrics are congruent with music, and the message is expressed in a way that can be picked up by many different groups.

    An urban sound combined with vocals that seem to scream and growl from the inside of your earhole... these are the reasons that led us into deciding that a logo that referenced graffiti (without falling into the mistake of making graffiti instead of a logo) seemed apropriate.
  • Typography Inspiration.
  • Custom Type Work.
  • The Protest Type.
  • Photography by Iek do Hardcore.
  • Illustrations by Ciego, band member.
  • You can download Acril's first album from here: