• A dissertation and graphic art project
  • Special thanks to Jepchumba from African Digital Art, who was my advisor during this project.

    Photography by Vit Hasek

    My bachelor project introduces and celebrates the African and Diaspora cinema. I chose this topic because I wanted to touch on a very interesting subject which people in general don´t know much about. My project consists of two parts; the dissertation and the creative part.

    My dissertation introduced the cinema history and film posters from four different countries (Congo, Ghana, Nigeria and United States of America).

    The creative part celebrates the African and Diaspora cinema, therefore I created a series of six different posters. Each one features filmmakers from different countries (Oscar Micheaux – U.S.A., Spike Lee – U.S.A., Raoul Peck – Haiti, Ralph Nwadike – Nigeria and Alain Leandre Baker from Congo).


  • These posters were hand drawn and printed on cloth, a bit strange but very effective for this project!
  • The main poster, with all filmmakers in one.
  • Oscar Micheaux - United States of America
  • Spike Lee - United States of Amerca
  • Raoul Peck - Haiti
  • Ralph Nwadike - Nigeria
  • Léandre Alain Baker - Congo Brazzaville
  • I also printed a limited edition of T-Shirts, which again feature filmmakers on posters
  • Thanks for watching, sharing and comments.