A click will show you my soul

  • A click will show you my soul
  • these are photographs / pictures that are part of the album "A click willshow you my soul."
    we call it like that because we believe that these photos make see to the visitor, what we believe in and how we are inside.

    Our intention is to open our emotions, our feelings and our sensations to anyone, to share our sincere moments of solitude.

    The album is under construction, continue to visit it because it will add a lot of drawings
    Under each picture there will be a reference to the artist.
    Good view at all.
  • RichBlood – divine light shines for you
  • RichBlood – Illusions burn
  • Steve Lime - solitude

    "Moments of dream life make cry for that does not happen" RB
  • sunset of emotions - steveLime photo