A Weird and a Beautiful Guide About Women

  •  A Weird And A Beautiful 
    Guide About Women
  • A Weird And A Beautifull Guide About Women is the artist's book for the photographer Kimberley Tell.
    This book is intended to all lovers of photography and fashion, and everyone who can find in Kimberley's
    photos a cosmopolitan, sophisticated, glamorous and sexy, architectural and feminine universe.
    For all the adjectives that described above, the photographer conveys a very graphic language, and 
    there's nothing more graphic and able to embody characters as varied as women and typography.
    A Weird And A Beautifull Guide About Women is a compilation in the feminine of women who make up 
    the universe that Kimberley wants to represent, its similarities with typography - the women in the universe 
    that designers want to communicate.

  • Editorial Design: Ana Types Type
    Typography Illustration: Ana TypesType
    Photography: Kimberley Tell

    Barcelona @ 2011