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  • Néctar

    • Art Direction
    • Brand Identity
    • Brand Voice
    • Illustrations
    • Animation

    Néctar is a brand responsible for transforming video content that is captured through small and large influencers.

    It is a brand that in addition to delivering a final result that exceeds expectations, Through video and audio editing it also seeks to make the influencers' market for social media even more professional.

    Create a strong visual identity in a simple, creative and uncomplicated way, willing to transform
    a simple video into a final quality material that exceeds expectations

    Designer's Team: Raphael Iglesias, Jhon Dias
    Motion Designer: Aline Cristina
    Copywriting: Aldenis Oliveira
    Location: São Paulo / Brazil

  • Inspired by social media, we develop graphic elements for the brand. To be applied with images of influencers and videos. To strengthen the positioning of the brand that operates
    100% in the digital market.