split - "the easiest clock to hang"

  • split, the easiest clock to hang

    How many times have you hung up a clock and not been able to find the nail....? Split is a clock that makes hanging super easy by allowing you to see the nail through the gap between the two halves.
  • This design was driven by the manufacturing capabilities of sheet metal bending and stamping. It utilises an off the shelf Quartz clock mechanism combined with a few simple bent / stamped aluminium parts and a couple fixings.⠀

    The clock is super simple to assemble and disassemble allowing for compact shipment / storage of goods / recycling of the aluminium parts.
  • The design has tool free assembly making it obvious and simple to put together.
    The hex nut that comes with the Quartz mechanism is used to clamp the back plate, hanger and mechanism together. Two wings nuts are then used to locate the front sides and the small holes help to ensure the sides are aligned correctly. Simply tighten the wing nuts and job done!⠀
  • The design provides a platform for CMF exploration and customisation, giving consumers the option to personalise their Split to their environment.
  • The packaging of Split is as simple and efficient as the design itself. The clock is nested in a small package to emphasise the ease of assembly / disassembly but also reduces its storage size in factory & store. Minimal recycled cardboard has been used to reduce the products environmental impact and all the packaging can be recycled! It’s compact size means it’s half the size and footprint of a normal clock!
  • The graphics are subtle and playful by heroing the spilt and the sides. When two packs come together they complete the clock graphic and naturally create the “split” down the middle.⠀
  • The user experience of opening Split isn’t fussy. It uses minimal recycled cardboard and it’s fully recyclable. It’s compact size means it’s half the size and footprint of a normal clock! The wings nuts are stored in a little brown paper bag to avoid the using a plastic bag. The sides are locked in place by the central recycled cardboard structure which doubles up as a area to stored the other components.⠀
  • Becoming a Reality - Split is in the process of being available to the public. An initial prototype has been made and subtle tweaks are being addressed to ensure it is refined and ready for production... watch this space!