• Business background:
    Leyard, founded in 1995, is a global leader in audio-visual technology. We are dedicated to researching and developing technology and innovating products and carry out activities in the fields of intelligent display, landscape lighting, new business model of cultural tourism and virtual reality. We have received honors and awards including the National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises, National Culture and Technology Integrated Demonstration Enterprise, and Beijing Top 10 Enterprises of Information Industry.

    利亚德集团是全球视听科技领创者,成立于1995年。 利亚德始终以技术研发为根、产品创新为本,业务布局覆盖智能显示、景观亮化、文旅新业态及虚拟现实四大领域。先后被授予:国家技术创新示范企业,中国电子信息百强企业、国家文化科技融合示范企业、北京信息产业十强等多重荣誉。

  • The TS series is a 27-inch LED display unit. An external power supply control box can connect up to 4 TS display units.Multiple display units are spliced ​​into a larger screen. SAM designers have explored this design language in many ways.

    TS 系列是 27 寸 LED 显示单元,一个外置电源控制盒最多可以连接 4个 TS 显示单元。多个显示单元拼接成为更大的银幕。SAM设计师对此设计语言进行了多方面探索。
  • The design language is cool and tough in a mecha style. 
    The concealed handshake design is integrated into the product appearance, making it a whole.


  • Ingenious,extremely"thin".
    Display unit is only 29mm thick.