Health-E Thermometer

  • Health-E thermometer concept

  • Health-E thermometer concept was developed over few days as submission for the weekly prompt from the "Render Weekly" challenge on Instagram

  • A digital thermometer which aims at simplifying the experience of taking a temperature, envisioning it becoming more of a routine, similar to weighing yourself.

  • Since the submission renews every week sketches were kept to enough detail for me to make decisions before heading over to 3D

  • Form, materials and colour are all subdued for it to remain neutral and unobtrusive.

  • The dot matrix UI combined with emoticons, manages to dial down the medical factor, in conjunction with a simple app which tracks your temperature as well as add other symptoms if any along with your medication.

  • When it comes to charging the thinking was to keep it effortless and hence devoid of direct cable connection.

    The dock serves as a permanent home for Health-E keeping it charged & ready when it's called for help. 

    Removing direct charging was an intentional choice to keep the thermometer compact and inconcspicuous.

  • The cap has a laser etchable name plate which also doubles as an anti-roll detail while resting on a surface.

  • The packaging was done as a time filler while some animations were rendering in the background. I wanted to simply convey the idea of how the packaging could serve as a travel case if it was kept to the bare minimum in terms of size and contents

  • Even contents such as user manuals could possibly be read by the consumer if the information is kept brief.
    This being a casual Instagram challenge I also took the libverty to play with the tone of communication to be less serious and yet convey the information.

  • The rough bead blasted surface finish on the outside offers additional friction while holding.

  • Check the submission on Instagram here