• Dunzo 
  • There are only so many ways you can say, “We can get you Pizza”! 
    So we decided not to say it but sing it.

    What started off as a passive over-the-table conversation turned into a collaboration project that spanned for more than a few weeks.

    To start with, we took the 5 prominent categories of Dunzo, and linked them to different genres of music.
    We made a few calls and pitched it on a higher octave to a Music Producer,  that went well and he was on board. So we started making some finger-popping tunes and wrote lyrics to go with it. 

    Instead of releasing it as a jingle, we decided to create a lyrics video for each track, with our brand mascot, Harri, playing the lead role; from an upright bass player in a Jazz band to a laid back Rastafarian on a hammock. We created individual artwork/illustration for each track and animated it to create the final video. 

    Let there be sound; there was sound!


  • Style frames
  • Mascot - Harri
  • Sketches
  • Thank you for your time

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