• Everyone has different taste and individuality, and we cherish our own, different life and lifestyle. Individuality of each person is supposed to get respect equally. EQL respects lifestyle diversity and provides a wide spectrum of items and contents to satisfy such different tastes. An online selectshop EQL store provides equal opportunity to everyone so that you can find a right style item that you have exactly wanted and that is equal to your taste, focusing on different individuality, rather than defining individuals just with sex, age, or personal values. It is not easy to find exactly what you want among rapidly changing trends and a flood of fashion brands. EQL store will be a special spot equally for everyone to experience your longing style contents and fashion item. 

  • We support the fashion that lets you express yourself freely without any bias and prejudice. It provides equal opportunity to find out who you really are, focusing on individuals’ different taste, rather than defining individuals just with sex, age, or occupation. It does not stick to essential or timeless, but accepts the current trend, expecting it to be reinterpreted in your own unique style. EQL suggests various styles so that everyone could find their longing, true self. WE ARE ALL EQL

  • The brand logo of EQL comes from an equal mark, just like the brand concept “equal to me”. 
    Geometric, equal mark-based types and flexibly-arranged layout on the equal mark base reflect the brand concept to deliver the trend faster than any other and communicate effectively with customers in the EQL platform with diverse products and contents. 
    It also shows the identity clearly by varying the shape of an equal mark differently to be used as the key visual, which is reflected on various customer contact points, such as typography, UI, collaboration symbol, and commercials, as well as the brand logo. 

  • EQL Brand Identity / Experience Design

    Jungah Kim, Suseok Yang, Youngsang Joo, 
    Sujin Park, Minji Lee, Youngjoo Ahn, Hyeonseok Jang

    stndrd creative company
    Creative Direction
    Taesu Im, Tyodi Hyojin Lee

    Brand Naming / Strategy
    Taesu Im

    Brand Design
    Tyodi Hyojin Lee, Kahyun Kim, Hwan Kim