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    "We welcome different sexual orientations."

    Biāng Biāng Bar is a friendly bar for people of different sexual orientations in Spain. It serves Xi’an cuisine and cocktails. We enjoyed the design process and got a lot of fun. We provide the logo guideline development, illustrations, menu, posters and interior design consultancy.

    Biāng Biāng Bar は、異なる性的指向を持つ人々のためのフレンドリーなスペインのバーです。西安料理とオリジナルのカクテルを提供しています。私たちは楽しくデザインしていただきました。このプロジェクトのロゴ構築、イラスト、メニュー、ポスター、インテリアデザインのコンサルティング等を行いました。

    AD+D 李政逹/D 藤原秀法/CL Biāng Biāng Bar

  • We have designed two characters. They are a couple, both love to dress in British style. However, they have different personalities which makes their styles a little different. Panda likes to dress up in an exaggerated way and has a more expressive personality. On the other hand, the white bear likes to dress in a more mature British style, and has a more low-key personality and cares about others. They are both passionate about life and each other, and the complementary nature of their personalities makes them happy and content. 

    Although they are a couple, we do not want to overemphasize this point in the illustrations. It is just a subtle way to show that Biang Biang Bar is a friendly and friendly bar.


    カップルとはいえ、イラストではこの点を強調しすぎしたくないです。微妙な雰囲気でBiang Biang BarはLGBTに友好なバーを示します。

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