• Project — DESTROY® Identity and website

    We have developed the concept of a visual language and corporate identity that corresponds to the brand's direction. The identity is used both for external brand communications and for product design.​​​​​​​

    DESTROY® is originally a magazine that is published offline as well as online. But now, after a while, it's a whole center for skateboarding fans. The publisher's content includes news, magazine, various news publications, interviews, and more. And also, in the video training materials there is comprehensive information for novice skateboarders.

    The company has developed a corporate identity that conveys the mood and direction of the brand, as well as reveals the idea that this is not just a magazine, but a full-fledged hub for skateboarders.

  • Logo concept 
    The logomark is the main element of the style that sets the tone for all graphics. It is made in the form of a fire. This symbolizes the brand name, as well as the emotions of skateboarders that provoke them to try again and again until they reach a result. To some extent, this is an emotion of anger, aggression. In addition, fire is derived from sparks that occasionally fly out from under the Board.

    There are two versions of the main logo. The first is using the logomark to replace the letter O, and the second is the letter O in which the nut from the suspension mount for the skateboard is located.

    Identity concept
    In the identity, typography is the basis. The main focus is on it. Using typography, emotions are transmitted. Skateboarding is all about emotions: victory, joy, pain, aggression, etc. All these emotions are reflected in the typography. Loud, bold, big, challenging, attention-grabbing, that's the spirit of skateboarding, that's the spirit of the company!

  • Design, animations — Valery Cheplygin

    All photo&video content used is only for showcasing my work and of non-commercial use. 3D — orthonormai / Part of the content is taken from the site skateboarding.transworld.net

    Thank you for watching!