Increment Issue 13 - Frontend

  • Increment Issue 13

    This issue honors that work and explores its context—from the shifting sphere of frontend responsibilities to the intersection of frontend, UX, and design, how frontend stacks can be used to generate experiences like video games to the inner workings of CSS and the rise of frameworks like React.​​​​​​​ 

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  • Editor in Chief
    Sid Orlando
    Associate Editor
    Molly McArdle
    Editorial assistant
    Elizabeth Minkel
    Copy Editors
    Rebecca Hiscott, Alicia Kennedy
    Technical reviewers
    Tomer Elmalem, Jennifer Hwang,Nate Kohari, Eoin Nugent, Jordan Scales, Catriona Scott, Suzanne Wang
    Safia Abdalla, Ipsita Agarwal, Chris Coyier, Ian Feather, Glenn Fleishman, Chris Lilley, Luca Mezzalira, Elizabeth Minkel,Ramsey Nasser, Omar Rizwan,Nishant Shukla, Ian Steadman,Chris Stokel-Walker, Lea Verou, Evan You
    Mercedes Bazan, Justin Pervorse, Drew Roper
    Design Producer
    Olivia Chernoff
    Ariel Davis, Rebekka Dunlap,Manolo Gamboa Naon, Ori Toor, Lena Vargas
    Cover Art
    Lena Vargas
    Distribution and logistics
    Mel Contreras, Bobby Kessner
    Printed by
    Hemlock Printers in Burnaby, BC, Canada