optimal beautiness, onoma

  • onoma® is a highly functional skincare brand to give a quick and effective beauty solution for various skin problems. Based in the formula of natural extracts and activated complexes, onoma provides only clinically validated products with outstanding quality. onoma's 3-Layer Essence Locking Structure™ solves skin problems quickly by maximizing the effect of the essence. It will let you experience an immediate improvement in your skin through innovative biotechnology that boosts the absorption of active ingredients and enhances skin barrier by using lipids. onoma brings you an innovative and safe skincare solution that helps reveal your most beautiful, authentic self. onoma-ceutical core solution.

  • The brand name “ónŏma” is derived from the Latin word for “name” or “appellation” that refers to a proper noun. Defining “onoma®” as a brand specializing in a highly functional skincare solution to maximize the individual’s beauty, we have developed our definite brand concept – to reveal each person’s unique beauty and individuality.
    Also, taking a diversity of ‘face line motif’ as our brand’s key visual on the basis of the brand attitude to respect unique beauty of each individual and special individuality, we aim to understand different beauties which could be imperfect and incomplete in order to help both the brand and consumer interact together to achieve the optimal beauty.

  • Under the brand concept “diverse individuality and beauty”, the design delivers product functionality in an effective and intuitive way through unique color and icon for each product. It suggests a refined and young brand look and feel by using a minimal serif-based brand logo and geometric icon and typeface. 

  • onoma Brand Identity / Brand Experience Design

    Injin Choi, Taeri Park, Ryeojin Lee, Heesun Kim

    stndrd creative company
    Creative Direction
    Taesu Im, Tyodi Hyojin Lee

    Brand Strategy
    Taesu Im

    Brand Design
    Tyodi Hyojin Lee, Kahyun Kim

    Product Design
    Daniel Kim