• YEAR | 2020
    Project Director: Scott Damast

    Exhilarate is a proposed idea for a subscription box created for Motor Trend Magazine. Motor Trend is an American automobile magazine. It first appeared in September 1949, issued by Petersen Publishing Company in Los Angeles, and bearing the tagline "The Magazine for a Motoring World". 

    In this project I was responsible to envision the identity and graphic design of both the shipper box and packaging. When the director of the project informed the name of the subscription box - Exhilarate, the inspiration visioned was based on the word accelerate and the exciting idea of being on a race track seeing the meter on the car's dashboard speed up, a feeling much like the word's own definition. With that in mind I was inspired by a car's dashboard using graphic elements to create dimension such as steel, metal, neon, and carbon fiber to frame the exhilarate dash board - keeping it playful while still being approachable to the Motor Trend demographic. From there I also created other options of the shipper box. The second graphic box was inspired by reminiscing memory of a build your own car kit toy which came as framed plastic pieces. The remainder of the boxes were envisioned by the director using images of car parts, engine, and interior. 

    The packaging for the products were then introduced based on the first box created for the brand's identity. Maintaining a similar style using elements from the shipper box and introducing an oil/polish like smear that may also be interpreted as a rugged wood texture. Proposing items that were both personal to the subscriber and for their car. 

    Project is not finalized. Branding, packaging and mock ups were created within a short spam of three days. 
    I hope you enjoy the results.  

    Some images were used for illustrative purposes only, thank you to the kind artists on Unsplash. Credit are on all photos. 
    Photographic images of car interior and parts were used for illustrative proposal only.