IDEA APP – mobile product design

  • First, there was an idea...
    …to create a place where remarkable and creative people could share their vision with others. A space where bright minds could get inspired by that vision, because you never know, maybe that little push just might help them make an impact one day
  • The first and the main thing I wanted to do in this project was to make a better user experience. My goal wasn't just to make a beautiful case, but to create a concept of an app that I would use myself. I tried to put sense in every bit and remove all the unnecessary items
  • ​​​​​​​A good app has to do one thing, but has to be perfect. The idea was to keep it as clear as possible and make it understandable without any tips
  • There is more! What I like is that you can easily access any part of the app in just a few steps
  • "Roses are red, violets are blue, I know that most of you don't read this text".
    It's good because I think it doesn't matter. The work should speak for itself, it is either good or bad.
    What else can I say…  hmmm, I like bicycles…
  • A form follows a function. Beauty and aesthetics follow functionality. Exactly these words stuck to me the most from Victor Papanek's book and I try to the base my work on that. Function above all
  • When work is done I like to play with colors, so I decided to add a dark theme
  • Thats all folks

    Font I used: SF Pro Display & SF Pro Text
    Tools: Figma, Illustrator for the icons & a bit of Photoshop

    Thanks to all my friends for being my advisors, critics and testers
    Thanks to Pablo Stanley for these beautiful illustrations

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    I am available for work in Warsaw or remote
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