The Jetsons Living Room — The Rooms Project



    The Jetsons reminds us of a nostalgic utopian future we all wanted to see. Now that we are so close to it, I thought why not make the Jetson's living room a part of The Rooms Project.

  • The hovering furniture, "The Menulator" creating any food you desire, and most importantly "Rosie The Robot Maid" someone we all want in are houses right now.

  • The aesthetics were quite fun to develop and with it came a sense of minimalism which one may or may not like. Fun fact, I watched 20 episodes as research for this artwork.

  • The Rooms Project — While in quarantine mostly bound to my room in complete isolation, my mind pondered to different rooms I could spend a lifetime in (or an outbreak). These rooms belong to the world of art, literature, and cinema. This is the eighth room in the series, hope you take out the time check others and share it around. 

    Thank You, Stay Safe.