Citizen Attesa

  • Citizen Attesa

    CITIZEN has two universes: one is inside a clock that was created by humans, a micro-universe with perfect beauty. The other is the real universe, a symbol of human challenge, and innovation. The story that connects these two worlds together is proof that CITIZEN technology is looking into the universe.

    Client: Citizen
    Director: Tajima Tao
    Agency: Nion
    Production, art direction, design, and animation: Onesal 

  • Styleframes from the Process

  • Produced by Onesal Japan
    Agency: Nion
    Director: Tao Tajima
    Creative Direction (Onesal): Nahuel Salcedo
    Animation and CG Artist: Damian Sendin, Alex Levinton, Fede Kanno, Lilen Herrera, Obara Koji
    Modeling: Juan Miyagi
    Producer: Feng Li