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    Last summer we worked with MJ studio, a graphic design studio from Belgrade, on visualizations for the new Mimoza Hotel located in Tivat, Montenegro.

    Hotel Mimoza is the Tivat Riviera’s oldest hotel, rebuilt from ground up and reborn as a charming waterside Mediterranean retreat. Indulge in a spectrum of tempting blue views, blending the sky and sea, from the comfort of one of 60 graceful rooms or luxury apartments at Mimoza Hotel, located just footsteps from the seafront.

    This 5-star condominium hotel in the heart of Tivat prides itself on offering attention to detail and high-luxury, paying homage to traditional affluence with a new dimension of amenity and comfort – your permanent residence, holiday home or summertime getaway from 29-110 m² of pure opulence.

    Surrounding the central core is a polished retail and dining cluster with hotel restaurant, private residents’ pool, spa and wellness center, boutiques, office space and other commodities, which will open to the public at completion from the summer of 2021.

    Mimoza brings royal Mediterranean glamour, coastal architecture and clean-white and powder-blue shades to accent its naval heritage, all packaged up in the name of modern luxury.

    Location: Tivat, Montenegro.

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