Jenny Avvocati | Branding

  • CLIENT / Founded in 1991, Jenny.Avvocati is a law firm that participates in the Multilaw international network. For over thirty years Jenny.Avvocati stood out for its ability to interact with a very diverse array of clients. A global vision and a multi-disciplinary approach are the most important values of Jenny.Avvocati’s philosophy.

    TASK / To create a new brand image and define a new value proposition that embodies the brand's philosophy, leaning on the principles the company was founded on: innovation, excellence and security.

    SOLUTION / The new brand image of Jenny.Avvocati was based on the concept of Golden Ratio, 
    an arithmetic balance where the relationship between amplitude and width is repeated in infinite subdivisions. The perfection of the Golden Ratio induces a sense of calm and security in the viewer. The result is a perfect balance between harmony and beauty.