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       Over the past century, bread consumption has declined markedly. Even France – civilisation du pain, as it is called by the Association for the promotion of bread Observatoire du Pain (pain in French-bread) – is no exception. According to statistics, the modern Frenchman on average eats half a baguette a day. And in 1900, this figure was three baguettes!
       However, lovers of delicious pastries still tend to Paris. The love of bread has become one of the symbols of French culture: the typical Frenchman is always depicted with a baguette under his arm.
       According to a study by the European Commission in 2010, in France, only 35% of bread is produced by factory methods. For comparison, in other European countries, industrial production of inexpensive bread accounts for up to 80%. The remaining 65% of the French market is formed by private bakeries. In Paris alone, there are more than 1200 traditional boulangeries (this figure is given by the professional Association of bakers), so choosing a place to taste French pastries can be very difficult. Take advantage of our recommendations and visit those bakeries where the culinary talents of the French are most clearly displayed.

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