Homix Home | Video Spot

  • CLIENT / Enel X is a global business offering smart, simple and fast technologies and services to help the customers make more intelligent decisions about the way energy is created, stored and managed.

    TASK / Make a video campaign for the launch of Homix, the new product by Enel X. The challenge is to define a narrative that describes the many functions of the product. Homix is a single solution for the straightforward management of all devices in the domestic ecosystem including heating, lighting and security systems.

    SOLUTION / An interesting narrative structure that explains to future customers all the features of Homix. The story presents different situations in which we see how Homix can change one's everyday life. Nothing will be the same, because Homix is ready to innovate your daily habits.

  • The first story tells how Homix innovation can change a daily habit like waking up.
    Homix is able to learn schedules and habits and automate heating according to the consumer’s needs.
    A innovate solution that allows to reduce consumption and respect the environment.

  • The second story tells how Homix innovation can change an unexpected moment.
    Homix has a smart security system that activates automatically when you need and monitors
    what is happening at home. If there is something wrong, it will let you know with a notification.

  • The third story tells how Homix innovation can improve the day life of many families.
    Homix has a smart system that notifies you when your child or another family member returns home.