A selection of everydays i did in 2019.
    Improving my skills and pushing my creativity in Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Photoshop, Illustrator etc
    Hope you enjoy!

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  • Experimenting with Repeaters 
  • 3D isometric Kiosk 
  • Baby Ghost XD
  • Studying elements and objects crafting
  • Mac factory
  • Trying a 3D typography
  • Abstract shapes
  • Old King 
  • Isometric city
  • My first character sculpturing 
  • Environment design 
  • Inside out :)
  • I am a legend 2
  • my first daily render project :D
  • Lollipop ?

    I hope my little artworks will be helpful and also a proof that clearly anyone can learn Cinema4D and Octane, baby steps and surely it will all be fruitful.