A Secret Love - Main Title

  • A Secret Love
    Main Title Design and Animation

    I designed and animated on the pitch and production of the main titles for Netflix's touching documentary feature A Secret Love. The main titles celebrate Pat and Terry’s heart-warming relationship in a graphic, archival style driven by their actual handwritten love letters. Specific focus was given to the iconic moments of their time together, both personal and historic, in order to conceptually document the societal importance of their romantic tale. The result is a title which explores the abundance of history surrounding their relationship, and an embrace of a love that is true.

    Direction 01:

  • Direction 02:

  • Final Project:

  • Client: RMTV / NETFLIX

    Post Production
    Creative Director: Hazel Baird
    Design Studio: Elastic
    Animators: Steve Biggert, Giovanni Bucci, Tnaya Witmer
    Editor: Rachel Fowler
    Coordinator: Megan Rodriguez
    Producer: Paul Makowski
    Executive Producer: Luke Colson
    Head of Production: Kate Berry
    Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall