• GOD DOES NOT PLAY DICE:                                                                    Branding, C4D, Art Direction

    The Improbable result of the election for the Presidency of the United States, was the result of a low amplitude tunneling event in the wave function of the universe” Physics is the study of, everything. Time, space, matter, energy—whether it’s the gravity that keeps your coffee in your cup or the thermodynamics that heats up your lunch, physics isn’t the stuff of a faraway land filled with mathematicians and dusty blackboard erasers. It’s intertwined with every aspect of our lives.

    If we’re all connected to one another through the very core of our matter, of course changing the state of one thing—whether that’s an election result or a terrorist attack—can impact something else very, very far away. How can we teach people to look at life through a science lens?

    At a time when the world seems more perplexing than ever, understanding the laws and origins of the universe can give us some much-needed perspective.



  • “Einstein, Stop Telling God What to do.” 

    Neils Bohr