The Simpsons Living Room — The Rooms Project

  • The Simpsons Living Room
    Simpsons first aired in 1989 when I was born so it has been there for three decades. It's an institution and deserves a room in this series. 
  • This one is the one with the least sense of adventure but I feel most of us are living the quarantine like Homer Simpson and that is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you stay inside. 

    There are a lot of references for this one, so I made sure I get all the props right. The light source is the television and it encompasses the entire living room. Look out for the donuts and Duff beer I wouldn’t mind some of it right now. 
  • The Rooms Project — While in quarantine mostly bound to my room in complete isolation, my mind pondered to different rooms I could spend a lifetime in (or an outbreak). These rooms belong to the world of art, literature, and cinema. This is the sixth room in the series, hope you take out the time check others and share it around. 

    Thank You, Stay Safe.