Turovskogo (SA apartment)

  • Turovskogo
    (SA apartment)

    Year: 2019
    Size: 65,9 sq.m.
    Location:  Minsk, Belarus
    Architect: Kanstantsin Remez
    Photographer​​​​​​​Yevhenii Avramenko

    A simple expression of a modern poetic space.

    Turovksokogo is a minimalist apartment located in Minsk. 
    The idea of ​​the project was to create a bright space for a comfortable stay of two people. 
    The common room includes several areas at once: a kitchen area, a TV area, a dining area and an office.  
    A bright accent of the common room is the kitchen island, designed specifically for this project. It is assembled from oak veneered MDF and serves as an additional working area with a storage system, as well as a place for breakfast or a quick bite.

  • mail: kanstantsinremez@gmail.com
  • The design is based on a combination of ash-colored oak panels made locally, white volumes and soft textiles. This not only ensure the brightness of the space, but also adds the layering and texture of the space, giving it an original natural feeling. Thanks to Kotra architects, who designed the dining table.
  • The highlight of this project is the hidden office. It is also made of MDF covered by oak in the color of the rest of the wood panels. The office is separated from the rest of the living room by a sliding doors. 
    Thus, you can hide and open the office as necessary.
  • The design of the bedroom is based on a combination of only white volumes that emphasize light and soft textiles.
    The bedroom has its own TV zone and a small workplace where the owner will do makeup and answer letters.
  • The bathroom also has textiles. The shower area is hidden behind a special curtain. From the outside it is a cozy light fabric that adds comfort to this area. And on the back, it's waterproof side. This area is illuminated with the help of a lightbox, and thanks to large mirrors, the bathroom space expands and visually seems larger and more spacious.