Freemind - Brand Refresh

  • Freemind, a Colombian soft drink brand with an important social component, came to us with a clear idea, they felt that they were not just a conventional brand, they wanted to become something more. 

    Our approach focused on changing the concept of the social-brand into a social-movement financed by the sale of soft drinks, focusing on what makes them unique and relevant. Thus, Freemind became a brand-movement that offers FMCG products with a strong, energetic, inspiring and above all, passionate attitude to promote causes that inspire and encourage them to produce more products.

  • With the premise "There is no movement without a flag", we redesigned the logo and developed a brand language that highlights the brand's positive spirit, as well as its commitment to its environment. Through a palette of vibrant colors and optimistic messages, we achieved a brand that communicates their social component in a contemporary way in all its touch points.