Jerry’s Room from Tom and Jerry — The Rooms Project

  • Jerry’s Room from Tom and Jerry 
    The Rooms Project continue with one of the most iconic cartoon series of all-time. Recently, I learned one of the directors Gene Deitch who revived Tom and Jerry Series passed away a few days ago and I thought it will be amazing to revisit the series and make Jerry's room. 

  • The series has had a lot of studios over the years working on it so there was no particular iconic room that Jerry had like The Simpsons. Also, it makes sense for a mouse to keep shifting his room. But Jerry had a very noticeable taste and craftsmanship for all the rooms he had. So I combined a bunch of them and made my own variant. 

  • A bed made of fish can and bottle caps, a lamp made of thread spools and thimble, and portraits of his loved ones. 

  • This so far has been my favorite room to make because I got more freedom and the idea of being miniature like a mouse or a gnome was really fun to execute. 

  • The Rooms Project — While in quarantine mostly bound to my room in complete isolation, my mind pondered to different rooms I could spend a lifetime in (or an outbreak). These rooms belong to the world of art, literature, and cinema. This is the fifth room in the series, hope you take out the time check others and share it around. 

    Thank You, Stay Safe.