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    Taiwan is an island surrounded by the ocean. Due to the island’s tropical climate, the weather in Taiwan changes drastically, from an extremely hot summer to freezing cold winter. This creates a unique culture of hot pot lovers in Taiwan during the wintertime.
    There is a variety of broths for hot pot. Each type of broth has their own characteristic and represents Taiwan in a different way. 
    Introducing Taiwan’s culture and tradition through one of the most down-to-earth hot pot variation-- cho-cho-kuo “stinky grounded pot”.
    Combining other well-known Taiwanese culture and tradition such as the most famous “hot spring” which is used as the broth, connecting Taiwan ‘s unique hard-working attitude, strengthen character and cultural variety by geographical location specialty.
    Also, the ingredients added into the hot pot represents the positive-attitude Taiwanese people have towards their life.
    Last but not least, the utensils we use and the condiments that complements this dish gives us a general idea of what Taiwanese culture is about, which includes the claw machine, condiment jars, pig blood cakes, and Xin-xin sausages.
    Please enjoy your hot pot experience with these ingredients.
    We present to you, Taiwan’s best in a hot pot.
    XIE-XIE (Thank you!)       


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    Production House: Muzixiii Studio 目子拾參創意
    Creative Director  : 曹書睿Ray Tsao / 李芹羽Amber Lee
    3D Artist : 曹書睿Ray Tsao / 李芹羽Amber Lee / 白宗穎/ZongYing Bai / 江美嫻Ann Chiang / 佟紹魁 Shaokuei Tong / 易鴻耀 Tom Yi
    Intern : 吳冠瑩 KuanYing Wu / 劉潁聲 Yingsheng Liu
    Compositing : 白宗穎 Zongying Bai