Sephora Ramadan 2020

  • Sephora Ramadan 2020

    We were approached by Sephora, Middle East, to develop a complete campaign from ideation to final execution for their Ramadan 2020 celebration.
    We created key visuals and a motion film which focused on getting together the visual cues and traditions of Ramadan with Sephora's products. The film presented here showcases the products interacting with these unique elements like flowers, Ramadan gifting baskets, ribbons, textured wall patterns, etc.​​​​​​​

    Client _ Sephora
    Directed by Paintbox Studios​​
    in association with MagnetConnect
    Executive Producer _ Krishna Maheshwari​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Creative Art Director_ Karan Gujar
    Creative Director_ Trnvir Singh
    CGI Supervisor_ Mithun Tailor
    Concept Development & Pre Production _ Karan Gujar,  Trnvir Singh​​​​​​​ & Shrikant Jakkula
    Modeling & Texturing _ Kiran Batle, Rakesh Pujari & Mithun Tailor
    Lighting & Look Development_ Mithun Tailor
    Motion Design & Compositing_ Trnvir Singh
    FX & Simulations_ MD Aamir
    Music_ 'Harps' by Skygaze
    Artwork Sketches _ Anant Choudhari
    Post Production & Retouching _ Shrikant Jakkula


  • Direction Process
    Crafting the layouts based on the idea of mixing with the right balance the traditional sights of the middle east culture fusing with the modern forms and products of Sephora, interlinking dynamism and motion as a base concept for the visuals.

  • Still Production
    For crafting every layout the process included multiple stages of curations, development, simulations, explorations, and direction to create every visual dynamic and detailed individually.

  • Motion Production
    The creation of the motion video was crafted fusion of direction, animatics, simulations, motion design, and detail shading to create a zestful motion visually.

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