Sindjelic Square Garage

  • Sindjelić Square Garage

    Hi everyone.

    These quarantine times made us realize that we are usually quite busy and that we do not post our work as regularly as we should. It is also a great time for development and improvement. If you can find any between naps and second lunch and third brunch. :)

    We tried to find some time to try something different in our work. Something that we wanted to incorporate in one way or the other into our workflow and hopefully some more client work.

    Below is an alternate take on a small project we did last year for our friends from Kapaprojekt.

    It is a public parking garage project in the very center of our city. In order to meet the increasing demand for parking in the city center, an existing parking space gained another level. These projects are not as popular with the general public usually, and most of the time it's justified. But in this case, as far as public parking infrastructure goes, this one is not a half-bad and we were glad to work on it. :)

    Location: Niš, Serbia.

    Let us know what you think.

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