swing. the home of happy feet | book design

  • Swing. The Home of happy feet is my master degree project which arose out of my passion to swing music and dance.

    Graphic Design & Illustration: Anna Tatar
    Supervisor: PhD Anita Wasik and M.A. Joanna Czaplewska
    Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, 2019.

    Book is primarily intended to interest the reader in the subject of swing and bring the atmosphere of the 30s. 
    We will learn from the book who the hepster is, where the feet are happy and whether it is possible to eat a Big Apple (: 
    For the brave ones there is also the instruction on the basic step dance of Lindy Hop!

  • Book is divided into two chapters: the one about swing music and the one about swing dance.
    Swing owes its extraordinary energy to roots in African music. Unfortunately, due to the racism present in those times, 
    African Americans were largely underestimated for their contribution to the development of swing culture, 
    which we can also learn from the book. Book contains 65 pages and 29 illustrations.
  • The outfit style of swing dancers.
  • And few shots from my master's defence.

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