365+1 Calendar

  • 365+1  is a collaboration between two friends, aimed at celebrating the new year by creating a functional agenda whose use would be determined by its recipient. Based on the belief that 2020 would be an important, transitional year the calendar was designed and produced in limited numbers for friends and associates. 

  • As a leap year, 2020 includes an extra day.  The design concept was developed around the “+1” element emphasising its importance, while informing design decisions aimed at maintaining a clean aesthetic.

  • The calendar features 1 layout system, using 1 font, in 1 colour, printed on 1 type of paper. It can be used as a notebook, agenda, sketchbook etc. Intentionally not predisposed towards a perspective but allowing the user to create his own it represents shaping one’s New Year and the 365+1 days that follow.​​​​​
  • The design features monthly spreads and daily pages by utilising the same typographic layout. The system divides a spread in 16 rows, creating a grid where every row features two calendar days. Monthy spreads include all rows while daily spreads include individual consecutive rows. The typographic treatment of Neue Haas Grotesk, aims at helping the user navigate the system by prioritising days rather than months and weeks. Riffling though the pages indicates the passage of time using the horizontal line as a sort of “leveller”.

  • The cover lists the 366 days that follow while the amount of days in each month is evident by proximity to the bottom of the page. The calendar body and cover were both printed on uncoated Munken Polar paper so the owner can note on the cover if desirable. The accompanying elastic band can be used for carrying the calendar itself, an extra pen, loose papers etc. The resulting object will reflect the passage of time as much as the owner's personality.

  • Design