• KODO
    Reconnecting with our natural rhythm.

    How do we envision the place of technology in future products that we live with ?
     Since it is always available and accessible at any moment, can technology instead help us 
    slowing down, disconnect and let us synchronise with our natural rhythm ?

    This project explore the intersection of technology with objects that feel familiar to create a more emotional and intuitive relationships.

  • Good morning.
    Kodo synchronise with the sunrise and wake you up with the songs of the birds.
  • Kodo react to vibrations and a simple tap turns the alarm off.
  • Subtle interaction in your presence.
  • Manage your distractions.
    During the day or before bed, take a moment for yourself and disconnect.
  • Adjusting the room light.
    Kodo slowly dims the light of your room and help you keep your natural sleeping cycle.

  • The process.
    Understanding our usage of technology and the impacts.
  • In what form does technology could take shape ? How does it feel ?
  • Creative exploration of ideas, shapes and interactions principles.
  • Ideation process.

  •  A familiar feel and an emotional experience.
    Refining the direction and concept.
  • Cad model ready for 3D printing.
  • Final model.

    Inspired by the pottery world, Kodo feels like a familiar piece in your home, 
    brings a contemporary touch and a delightful subtle experience.
  • Outcome and reflections.

    Here is my vision of what future product could feel and look when we implement technology into familiar objects. 
    I believe in world where products will become more emotional, personal, intuitive and can react to our surroundings. 
    That’s a topic that I’m enthusiastic about and curious to explore further. Let me know what you think.


    Thank you !

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