Call of Tāne | an app that tells stories about the bush

  • A "fitness app" that tells stories of the New Zealand forest and bush.

    VicLink - "Idea with the most commercial potential"
    New Zealand Best Awards - Finalist

    Experience design, Design research, Cultural research
    UI design, UX design, Mobile app development

  • Call of Tāne is an application that guides you through New Zealand forest when you go on a bush walk with stories and information about the bush, told from the perspective of Tāne Mahuta, the Maori god of forestry and birds.

    To unlock new chapters and progress the stories, users will have to keep walking and explore new territories. The app also has navigation, map, track finding 
    functionalities as a general guide for you bush walk.

    Call of Tāne is our attempt at preserving and passing down Aotearoa's natural, cultural and spiritual heritage to kiwis of the mobile generation.
  • Icons and UI design
    The hand-crafted style is sets Call of Tāne apart from most tramping apps. It is supposed to reflects the theme of forest and Maori culture, as well as enhance this experience of story telling.