• Nordwal gas servicing
    storefront and visual identity

    Small Business / Services

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    Small business with a grand design 
    Norbert Waleszkowski has been servicing gas appliances in the city of Elbląg for as long as anyone can remember. His work as well as his charisma have made him one of the go-to people in the city, garnering a reputation of a true professional in his field. The one-man company Nordwal operates out of a small shop located on one of Elbląg’s high streets. Despite mr Norbert’s reputation of a man who never leaves a job unfinished, his storefront reflected an opposite message. 
    The store of such a technical and crucial business should reflect its core values: safety, reliability, solidity and a no-nonsense, get-the-job-done attitude. We focused on clarity and a timeless, utilitarian design, that reflected those qualities with just the right amount of design flare mixed in for good measure. The main sign is composed of crude steel rods, bent into the shape of custom letters, designed specifically for mr Norbert. Additional signage, reminiscent of industrial plaques, was assembled below to provide additional information about Nordwal’s services. 

    Nordwal was one of the businesses selected to take part in Dobry:Znak – a joint effort of Traffic Design and Mastercard, focused on redesigning storefronts in a way that would benefit both the shop owners and the image of their neighbourhood.