G Ā D O & K E N : Design for Covid-19

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  • With this pandemic, the world we know has changed in a month. Adapting to this new way of living not only forced us to change some of our core habits, but also made us include many 'new' products into our daily life. While some hope to go back to the "normal life", our new normal after #Covid19 might never allow us to go back.

    So instead, how can we adapt ourselves and our products to this 'new normal' ?

    Designed, 3D modeled, rendered, visualized, animated
    by Fulden Dehneli, All rights Reserved , 2020 

  • Q U E S T I O N   1 
    What if we have to wear a mask everyday from now on?
    How do we make sure we are protected in many changing situations in our daily routine?
    Can we reveal facial expressions by making the mouth visible? 

  • ガ ード  •  G Ā D O
    A   M A S K  +  S H I E L D   C O N C E P T

  • Gādo is a mask design that combines a mask and a face shield in a practical way. Looking for a solution where the masks are a part of daily life, the concept aims to ease human interaction by keeping the mouth visible.

    Meaning ‘guard’ in Japanese, Gādo [ガード] brings an adaptable solution with its simple mechanism that allows the shield sliding up to protect the eyes. Combining this solution with a folded textile structure hidden under the shield which enlarges when the shield is slid up, Gādo brings the word definition into life.

    As the concept maximizes the protection with head straps that helps the mask sits comfortably and securely, Gādo also turns the mask into a fashion accessory, so that the mask could easily blend in the daily life and becomes a personal statement.

    [ガード] • Japanese
    (n.) guard, guardian

  • Q U E S T I O N   2
    In addition to wearing a mask, how can we maximize our safety all day long? 
    Can we make carrying a hand sanitizer a part of our daily life and attire? 

  • 剣 •  K E N
    A  H A N D  S A N I T I Z E R   B O T T L E  C O N C E P T

  • Ken is a hand sanitizer spray bottle concept that aims to make the protection towards germs part of daily life in an effortless way. The design offers an instant solution when washing hands is not an option by making the bottle portable, accessible and refillable.

    Meaning ‘sword’ in Japanese, Ken [剣] is following the same motivation and design language set by Gādo, a design that combines a mask and a face shield. Working together like team to maximize safety and protection, while Gādo guards the user like a shield, Ken gives an active way to attack back like a sword.

    The concept is not only aiming to provide an effective solution, but also turns this bottle into a fashion accessory, so that the user can easily make it part of daily life and attire. 

    [] • Japanese
    (n.) sword

  • Disclaimer — This project has no correlation with Nike. The brand logo has been used as an inspirational placeholder to visualize the lifestyle and motivation of these products. The images with models are used to place products in to maximize the vision and the understanding. The original photos belong to Nike Tech Pack Collection, launched in 2019.

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