Tote bag - Handmade in Tokyo

  • レザークラフト
    Leather making
     With Nakano Katsuhiko at His factory, Tokyo

      As I'm pushing the door of the workshop, the smell of the leather, the noise of the machines and the feeling of passion completely fills up the atmosphere. I meet Nakano Katsuhiko and present him my sketchbook. 
    2 weeks later he is helping me bringing my idea to life.

    A story about people, their passion for sharing knowledge and the common joy of making things by hand.
  • His factory workshop in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 設計
    Designing a bag.

    Making something exactly as you want it is a great challenging feeling of freedom.
     I'm working step by step to define the proportions, functionalities and details of the bag.​​​​​​​
  • 材料
    The materials 

    Once I'm happy with the design, I'm spending my days at fabric and leather stores looking at materials, colours and working to make a prototype to present to Nakano.​​​​​​​
  • 作る
    The making

    An exciting day in the workshop, working until late evening crafting the bag.
  • We started making cardboard patterns to help us as a guide for cutting the leather parts.
  • Hand stitching to attach the leather and canevas together.
  • The next step was to work on the inside layer of the bag,
    stitching the pockets before cutting and making the assembly of the straps.
  • バッグ
    The result​​​​​​​

    More than a bag it is a beautiful memory of that collaboration which celebrate the passion and joy of making.

  • Thank you !

    Nakano Katsuhiko for your patience, generosity and passion.