36 Days of Type — 2020

  • 36 Days of Type — 2020 

    Every year, 36 Days of Type invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their own interpretation of the letters and numbers of the alphabet. Each day, you are prompted to design a letter or a number in order to explore typography and its endless visual possibilities. 
    It was my first time joining the project and for this edition, I decided to go with a “colour” theme. I wanted to challenge myself to use more colours, more illustrative elements and make each piece completely unique. 

  • FAQs

    How long did it take you to draw a letter?
    I would try to spend 2 to 3 hours maximum per artwork. On busy days I would try to smash it in under two hours, but some days I had the whole day to myself (thanks COVID-19), so I went into more detail and spent nearly 6 hours on number 5 for instance.

    How big is your canvas on Procreate?
    My canvas is 4000x4000px. Which only allowed me to have 29 layers! 

    Where do you find inspiration?
    I had to stick to a specific letter and specific colours, which really helped to narrow down my options. But mainly I find inspiration online, in design books and outside. I spend a lot of time planning in my head first before drawing the first sketch.

    How do you add that textured effect and make your letters so shiny?
    It won’t be a secret for long! Stay tuned as I’m working on some brand new brushes and a tutorial on how to use them to achieve that glossy 3D effect!

  • Thanks for watching! 

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