Denniz Pop Awards

    Continuing the legacy of legendary music producer Denniz Pop and the Cheiron Studio in enabling new musical talent.
  • A fitting symbol for one of the great hit makers of his time.

    Denniz Pop was one of the great producers and songwriters of the 90s, igniting huge commercial phenomenons of the MTV era such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Sadly he passed away at the young age of 35.

    The foundation Denniz Pop Awards main goal is to elevate Sweden's next generation of musical talent and support advancements in cancer treatment.

    We utilized the holy grail of the music industry at the time, the Golden Record, as a focal point of the logo and imagery to connect it to the legacy of Denniz Pop while also flaunting some heavy industry flex.
  • We created a bespoke typeface to accompany the identity. It's inspired by the deceptively simple structure of a typical Denniz Pop song. Striving for an equally bold and unapologetic sound.
  • Art Direction and design: Leon&Chris
    3D art: Elias Klingén

    Designed by Leon&Chris
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