• Uido Design Studio

    Physical Product Design

    Some plants, like the Pothos, tend to grow a lot and, in most cases, a pot isn’t enough to contain them. This is why these plants are usually placed in high places where their branches and leaves can hang all they want. VERT allows them to grow down and intertwine their branches with the product legs, encouraging their growth.

    The shape of the product is born from the intersection of lines (legs) and planes (shelves) that are connected between them, to result in a simple and minimalist product suited for interior.​​​​​​​

    About the design process, the implementation of making 1:10 and 1:5 scale models helped us to corroborate the stability of the product, the number of legs and the distance between the shelves. The final 1:1 prototype has white 3D printed pieces that seek to highlight the warm color of the wood, resulting in a harmonious and beautiful product.

  • Exploded animation with the components of the top piece made by the 3d artist Iain Chudleigh. 

  • Rendering by Juan Manuel Prieto

  • Uido Design Studio 2020
    Dribbble: /uidodesign