Hi everyone.

    Today we are sharing with you a project we were working on more than a year ago. It's a reconstruction of an existing house done by our friends from Kapaprojekt.

    The fun thing for us while doing these renders was finding a quick and effective way to represent a street material difference like it is on the site. Very briefly modeling of the asphalt part was considered but there was no way that the desired quality and feel could be achieved in a short part period. At least for us anyway.

    So in the end, we just used what we had. We took a screenshot from Google Street View and used it to make a mask to blend the two materials together. And all that without a slate material editor! :)

    Admittedly, the displacement is a bit stronger than it is in reality, but we kind of liked it so it stayed.

    Location: Niš, Serbia.

    We hope you like it!

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