Japanese ceramics.

  • ​​​​​​陶器
    Japanese ceramics
     Mashiko Tougei club - Japan

    One week to fall in love with the joy and the freedom of creating. The feeling of the clay under my hands, the texture, the subtle movements of the piece that slowly take form. To me pottery is about passion, trusting your intuition, failing often and embracing imperfections which become then the essence of beauty.

    More than an experience it is a philosophy that deeply inspired me, changed my relationship with things around us and help me to approach beauty with a different eye.

     I hope this can inspire you as well to try and maybe start making your first pieces.

  • Mashiko the pottery town, a small Japanese village in the middle of the countryside filled with gallery and beautiful ceramics.
  • 剪裁
    The art of throwing

    From earth, crafted by hand.
  • 剪裁
    The art of trimming

    Sculpting functionality and personality.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  •  艶出し陶器
    The art of glazing

    Where science and creativity blends to create unique colours.

  • 薪窯
    The art of wood firing

    1250°C, 24 hours, where the magic lies.
  • 薪窯
    The fired pieces

    Finally the special feeling of excitement to rediscover the pieces and contemplate their details.

  • Thank you !
     Paula, Henry, Julie, Timi, Asakusa, and all the staff for the great energy and patience