NEXT 2020 Conference Graphics

  • In January 2020 I had the opportunity to work with Already Been Chewed for Chick-fil-A’s annual NEXT conference, a three day event that touches on product announcements and outlines new business initiatives for the brand.

    Along with a team of very talented designers and animators, I helped with design, modeling and animation. 
    The following is a collection of some of the work and explorations I made during the process.

  • Styleframes

  • Logo Reveal Pitch
    This is one of the animations I worked on initially. Only some parts of this made the final cut.

  • R&D
    Some early explorations

  • Client: Chick fil-A
    Studio: Already Been Chewed


    Creative Director: Barton Damer
    Head of Production: Aaron Smock
    Modeling: Patrick Coleman, Jesus Suarez, Aaron Smock
    Animation: Lance Eckert, Jesus Suarez, Mark Wilson, Patrick Coleman
    Design: Patrick Coleman, Jesus Suarez, Aaron Smock, Lance Eckert


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