Covid Isolation Tips

  • Self-isolation is the pits, no doubt about it. So we came up with some tips to help you through this very strange and unprecedented time.These tips have helped us in maintaining work-life balance and keep a clear head space.

  • Tip #1:
    Dress for the day. A sweatpants day here and there is all good and boy-o-boy do we love our sweats. We find that putting an outfit together and treating things like a “normal” work day can motivate and lift the energy.

  • Tip #2
    I’ve found it helpful not to reach for my phone or laptop as soon as I wake up - unless I have a call scheduled obvi.
    In-home fitness has been a nice way to start the day. Lots of gyms are posting at-home bodyweight workouts that are meant for all fitness levels. Take a look at @BrickNewYork they have a cool zoom workout a few times a day and it’s FREE!
    Then I have some breakfast, shower/dress for the day and take some time to write before tackling work, the news and social stuff.
    Working out every day is a lot to ask, but I find throwing this in a few days a week helps keep energy levels up.
  • Tip #3
    Take some time for you with no screen time. A meal, read a book, meditate, anything to give yourself a “t-minus” and headspace.

    Attempt to relieve the pressure to be hyper productive all day, every day. This is a very unique situation and it’s going to require some self care to get through it.

    We’re all in this together as well so remember to reach out to a friend or family member.
  • Tip #4
    ZOOOOOOOM. It’s not just for work anymore. Friends, family, colleagues — we’ve all been having virtual happy hours, movie and book reviews, drawing classes and more.
    Checking in with everyone in a social capacity just to chat and catch up and even talk about how this is affecting you can be very helpful. Facetime, google hangout, skype, phone calls are all crucial during this period of isolation.