Tech-Tanic & Raw Friday

  • Tech-Tanic & Raw Friday
    Private Event

    Organized by 70000, this series of events is organized specifically for music devotees, street art and performance arts enthusiasts. Each event will be held at a certain place in the town, with unique concepts that can be garden, pool or construction site...

    Raw Friday concept is a continuation of the Tech-Tanic Concept, held at the construction site of Ngoc Suong seafood & bar, take advantage of the Raw space of the site, 70000 to bring you a unique experience in music, visual, drink & food.
  • Tech-Tanic & Raw Friday
    Scope of Work: Logo Creative, Visual Identity
    Creative & Design: InSpace Creative
    Art Visual Live by Crazy Monkey
    Photo by 70000
    Location: Ngoc Suong Seafood & Bar
    Published: 2019

    Thanks for your time.