Cinema in Trondheim - Monthly programme design set

  • Cinemateket Trondheim is an arthouse cinema, representing a tradition of 25 years. They have a sophisticated, open-minded audience who love good independent cinema. They needed a poster range design for their monthly program which runs throughout the year. The client was very open to our interpretation and illustrative approach to the poster series. 

    We created a set of bizarre and wonderful illustrations for each poster. The posters are designed to be connected with cinema and program but not in a typical way. The series style pushes the boundaries - featuring the idea of falling into a hole, signifying the immersive experience of cinema and traveling through time and space, always maintaining eye-catching and engaging colors and shapes. The different fonts are characterful and complementary to the illustrations. The posters were designed for print, and also for online and cinema-screen use, where the illustrations would be animated.