Ivy League Murder Scene | The Pledge EP

    Commission Based Project
  • Brief — To design artwork & packaging for Ivy League Murder Scene’s début E.P release 'The Pledge'. 

    Creative Requirement —  To incorporate the client’s current logo with elements of nature, vintage photography, and geometric patterns, ideally designed in a raw, minimalistic style to reflect the client’s roots and musical influences. To produce alternative packaging concepts for both a sleeve and digipak, in consideration of various distributions at local performances as well as online sales. 

    Creative Solution — Aesthetics associated with Polaroid film heavily influenced the final concept by framing the design whilst embracing washed out tones, and adding in colour bleeds to add age. Adapting the client’s logo (crossed arrows with initials in 80's hard-core style) into the bold, geometric decoration draws focus to the abbreviation 'I.L.M.S', whilst giving balance to the symmetry of the photography. The application of subtle grunge textures to the overall imagery also conveys the gritty tone of the client’s music.
  • Shortly after 'The Pledge's' December 2012 release, Ivy League Murder Scene experienced some changes, including the transition from it's former moniker, to now simply being referred to as 'Minister'. The bandcamp player below will give you a taste of Minister's début E.P. For more information you can find their facebook page here.
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