45 Degrees Restaurant

  • 45 Degrees Restaurant
    45 Degrees’ is an international cuisine restaurant at Gulf Mall Qatar. A modern cheerful interior and rich handcrafted menu designed to meet everyone’s taste and style with variety of all-time favorite dishes from all over the world.

  • Logo Concept
    Following the conceptual phase and the logo, I started working on the branding of the restaurant. This comes in the form of stationary, plates, packaging, as well as the way the food should be served within the restaurant.
    Interior Concept
    I created this new concept of 45 degrees. The concept is based on making everything with 45 degrees to reflect the logo. Everything from the shadows, the circles under the tables... etc
    Food Photography
    I started to style and photograph the delicious food that is served in the restaurant for social media campaigns, general advertising campaigns, and of course, for the menu.